The Horse Disagreed

The moral implications of whether you should pay calls on Sunday were tough enough, but when your horse weighed in on the issue, you had a real problem. As reported in the June 23, 1899 Skidmore Standard, we have the difficulties faced by Mr. and Mrs. Theophilus Peter:

Some people believe that it is alright to go visiting on Sunday and some believe that it is not; but be that as it may, it would also appear, from a little incident that happened last Sunday morning, that some horses share the same opinion of the latter class. Mr. Peter and wife who live four miles east of town, started early in the day to visit friends in the Burr Oak neighborhood, west of town. They had proceeded on their way as far as Skidmore when one of the horses suddenly gave evidence that he did not intend to go farther. When urged by Mr. Peter, the animal reared and whirled quickly, upsetting the buggy and the occupants were spilled out. Mrs. Peter was slightly bruised and the buggy was broken; but not a whit daunted, Mr. Peter secured another buggy at one of the livery barns and went visiting anyway.

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