The Holts Feed the Editor, 1908

If you want your name in the paper, feed the editor. Here’s an example of this declicious strategy from the June 11, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Rare Treat.
It is not often a country newspaper man in this section, especially in Skidmore, has the pleasure of eating watermelon at this season of the year, but the writer and family had that pleasure last Sunday, when B. C. Holt was so kind as to contribute a generous section of a forty pound watermelon which was exceedingly toothsome.

This forty pounder, together with one weighing five pounds less, was received by Mr. Holt the latter part of last week from his brother, J. W. Holt, who lives at Mathis, Texas.

We are indeed grateful to Mr. Holt for this luscious treat, as melon is especially well suited to our taste.

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