The Big Fourth

The Skidmore Standard featured this ad for The Big Fourth “At the big town for the big People of Skidmore,” the “Greatest, Grandest and Biggest Celebration” of 1904.  Who could resist the call to “grow younger and happier and learn to love Your God, Your Country and Your Fellow Man” or see new and novel amusements, including drills by the Modern Woodman and Royal Neighbors teams.

Advertisement, The Big Fourth at the big town for the big people of Skidmore
From the July 1, 1904 Skidmore Standard

Advertisement reads, “The Big Fourth at the big town for the big people of Skidmore, Skidmore’s Greatest Grandest and Biggest Celebration 1904. Speakers. Prominent speakers, eminent statesmen and choicest entertainers, have been secured at great cost for the day, among whom are: Hon. Francis M. Wilson, of Platte City; Congrssman, Hon. C. F. Cochran and Frank Fraytag, of St. Joseph and Reverends Welton, Campbell and Haynes. Music. A specially prepared musical program consisting of solos, duets, quartettes and full choruses, band and orchestra selections, from our best composers. Amusements. Come and see something new and novel in the way of amusements. Boat races, swift swimming, high divers, with foot, sack, and wheelbarrow races, etc., while in the evening the Modern Woodmen of America and Royal Neighbors will appear in full uniform and put up some of the most intricate drills known to the craft. Fireworks. And lastly, the crowning feature of the Gala Day will be a superb Display of Fireworks. You can’t afford to miss it. Come one, come all and grow younger and happier and learn to love your God your Country and your Fellow Man.”

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