The Apple Men Are Just Getting Started, 1909

Ad reads, "Apples wanted every day in the week!  We pay highest price for Commercial Packed apples.  We are also prepared to furnish Barrels and Packers, and pack the fruit in the orchard.  Sears, Wickhiser and Co.  First Door South of Hotel."
Advertisement from the Skidmore New Era, October 7, 1909

Produce news from the October 7, 1909 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

100 Cars of Apples.

When The New Era said a few weeks ago that Skidmore would ship 145 cars of apples this fall, some of our readers thought we had the figures a little high, but recent developments have proven that our estimation was too conservative. There will have been shipped from Skidmore by Saturday evening, at least 100 cars of apples, and from the looks of things now the apple men have only fairly got good and started.

The following are the number of cars (of course estimated at this time) that will be shipped by the different buyers and growers out of Skidmore up to and including Saturday:

W. M. Howden – cars – 40
Sears Wickhiser & Co. – cars – 35
Mike Brady – cars – 18
W. W. Grigsby – cars – 3
G. W. Aldrich & Co. – cars – 3
Chas. Albright – cars – 1
Total – 100

This makes a showing of 100 cars and the chances are that the number will exceed that even from the list of names given above with a strong likleyhood before the close of the week, there will be other shippers in the field.

We are loading cars this week from both side switches and the main track. The Burlington has sent additional force to help take care of business at this station and it looks now like before the work is out the company will have to send the wrecking train here to dig out the agent, G. L. Owen, who is getting completely covered up with apples.

Never in the history of Skidmore has unskilled labor commanded the price that apple pickers get now. Talk about the harvest hands of Kansas, the corn shuckers of Iowa or the sugar beet hands of Colorado, they are not “ace high” as compared to the wages apple pickers re now getting in Monroe Township. Most any boy who will get a move on himself, and a number are doing it, are earning from $2.50 to $4.00 a day. A number of women and girls are making $2.00 a day.

We are safe in saying that there will be over 100,000 bushels, more than 200 cars of apples shipped from Skidmore this fall. This you will remember is not by any means all the surplus crop as some will hold a part of their apples over for the spring demand. Besides this there will be thousands of bushels of the culls and poorer grades made into cider. One cider press in town is making now, and will run all fall, an average of 20 barrels of cider a day. Monroe Township’s apple crop is a bumper this year.

Ad from the October 7, 1909 Skidmore New Era reads, "Moved to Maitland!  We have removed our hydraulic cider press to Maitland, and we will make cider on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week till the season closes.  We have Barrels and Kegs for sale.  Located at Stanley's apple house. We want all your cider apples.  W. L. Morford & Son.
Skidmore New Era, October 7, 1909.

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