Tess and Ted School Shoes, 1922

Ad for Star Brand Tess and Ted school shoes. Skidmore, Missouri, 1922. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for Star Brand Tess and Ted school shoes in the August 10, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5.

Advertisement reads, “Star Brand Shoes for Children. Don’t blame your growing boys or girls for wearing out their shoes so fast — they can’t help it. It isn’t their fault that most children’s shoes are made with substitutes for leather. The thing for you to do is to buy them shoes that will wear longer. That is the kind of children’s shoes we sell. They are called Tess and Ted School Shoes. Made by the world’s largest shoe-makers in factories that specialize in children’s shoes — all solid leather — no substitutes. The special foot-form lasts give lots of toe room and do not hinder the natural growth of the feet. We have a large stock of “Tess-Ted” shoes. We know they will wear better and recommend them to you. It pays to pay cash. R. B. Foster, Skidmore, Mo. Don’t let your children wear poorly made, ill-fitting shoes. It may ruin their feet. Bring them to us — today.”

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