Talk Missouri!

With all the negative news and talk out there, it’s easy for individual Missourians to fall into less-than-complimentary speech patterns, too.  On this day of our statehood, let us take the advice of the May 26, 1899 Skidmore Standard, through which the Jefferson City Tribune exhorted us to share more positive language about our state:

Talk Missouri

“Wherever a Missourian goes, within or without this imperial commonwealth, he should miss no opportunity,” patriotically insists the Jefferson City Tribune, “to speak of the greatness of his home.  Do not discuss the drawbacks of Missouri.  Store up in the memory facts about the state.  They are enough to stagger anyone not familiar with the richness of this state-wide realm.  Tell the uninformed, for example, that there is more coal in Missouri than in Illinois; more iron than in Pennsylvania; more building stone than in Vermont.  Tell that the output of zinc is worth more in a year than all Colorado’s mined silver.  Missouri’s fruit crop surpasses that of Florida, her mules and horses those of Kentucky; her production of poultry leads the world.  Crow about these things.  The largest woodenware factory in the world is in St. Louis.  Do not let Missouri’s light be hidden under a bushel.  The Missouri cob pipe has national fame.  Give that fact to your neighbor to smoke.  Other manifestations of Missouri’s greatness will at once suggest themselves.  Missourians should acquaint themselves with them and then let the world know what they know.  Talk Missouri, Missourians.”

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