Swindler and Dope Fiend, 1918

Crime news from the August 22, 1918 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Swindler and Dope Fiend.

Quite a little excitement was caused in Skidmore Monday when a stranger played an old swindle game on some of the unsuspecting lady and boy clerks in different business places.

This young fellow, who was a “dope fiend,” succeeded in securing $4 from his victims through what is known as the two dollar bill game whereby he came out $1 winner each time the scheme was worked.

The swindle was, however, discovered before he left town and he was prevailed upon to return the money to those who had fallen for the trick.

The prosecuting attorney was advised of the crook’s presence here and sent a deputy sheriff to meet the gentleman and his escort composed of Mayor Miller, Ledford Goatcher and Myron Newton who had started to Maryville with him.  The escort turned his majesty, the crook, over to the deputy sheriff and returned to Skidmore.

A report came that evening that a plea of guilty had been made and that he was given a sentence of six months in jail.  A later report says that the crook had been given his liberty because the authorities refused to keep him on account of his loathsome physical condition.


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