Surprise Party for Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grigsby

Many Skidmore area parties were reported in the paper, and most featured delicious eatables, pleasant conversation, and a delightful time for all.  This one, reported in the December 2, 1898 Skidmore Standard, was no exception:

A Surprise

On last Tuesday night, the young folks of Burr Oak vicinity gave a surprise party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grigsby.  A royal supper, consisting of oysters, oranges, cakes, candies, and other delicious eatables, was served.  The evening was spent very pleasantly and will be long remembered by those in attendance, as each one seemed to enjoy playing games, eating nuts, and listening to the excellent music furnished by the ladies.  Just before retiring to their homes the young folks presented a beautiful album to Mr. and Mrs. Grigsby.

Mr. Grigsby’s will move to Illinois in a short time to make that their future home.

Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Joel, the Misses Lora and Ida Ward, Stella Ruddell, Mittie and Ida Long, Emma Murray, Lena Graves, Dell Scott, Miss Wakely, and Messrs. Frank Burk, Duneal, Will and Lon Oakerson, Hays Ruddell, and Frank Murray.

– One Who Was There

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