Surprise Party for Mabel Cummins Newlon, 1921

From the May 19, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Surprise for Mrs. Newlon.
The members and teacher of class no. 12 of the M. E. Sunday School held a surprise party and handkerchief shower for its president, Mrs. Mabel Newlon, at her home Tuesday evening. The teacher, C. E. Owens, presented Mrs. Newlon with a gift from the class.

Refreshments consisting of sandwiches, pickles, cake and coffee were furnished by the members of the class.

Those present were: Mrs. W. J. Skidmore, Mrs. B. Moody, Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Harry Mitchell, Mrs. Will James, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. O. D. Hardman, Mrs. B. O. Ford, Mrs. Eula Hall, Mrs. W. E. Linville, Mrs. Oto Riley, Mrs. D. E. Reynolds, Mrs. C. E. Olson, Mrs. C. E. Owens, Mrs. Clyde Barrett, Mrs. G. L. Lewis, Mrs. Clyde Stevens, the teacher, C. E. Owens and assistant teacher, Rev. Olson.

[We’ve seen her name written as Mabel Newlin, widow of Nathan Newlin, but we’re leaving it as it was spelled in the paper.]

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