Surprise Dinner for J. W. Knepper

From the July 15, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

J. W. Knepper Surprised.
On last Sunday, July 11, relatives of J. W. Knepper, living one and one-half miles south of York, decided to give him an agreeable surprise in the form of a basket dinner.

To say that it was a real dinner but mildly expresses it. The tables were, as the Englishman says “full up” with all the good things the farm and the farmers wives can produce.

Those present were: Samuel Knepper, father of Mr. Knepper, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stevenson, Mrs. Knepper’s parents and the following brothers and sisters: Mr. and MRs. Jas. Stevenson and four children, Mr. and Mrs. George Knepper and son, Mr. all of Dale Township. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stevenson and three children, and aunt, Miss Ella Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Stevenson all of Skidmore. Miss Grace Stevenson of N. W. State Teachers’ College, Maryville, and Miss Gertrude Knepper of S. E. state Teachers’ College, Cape Girardeau, and Miss Ida Knepper of Galloway College, Searcy, Arkansas.

There were 28 guests in all and everyone pronounced it a happy and successful day, and Mr. Knepper hoped he might have many happy returns of the day.

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