Sunday School Class Parties, October 1922

Does your Sunday School class have this much fun? Early 20th century Skidmore, Missouri knew how to party, as we see in this report from the Skidmore News, October 19, 1922, page 1:

S. S. Class Meeting.

The Comrad class met October 13, with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Twaddle, four miles southeast of town.
The business session was led by the president, Mrs. Loren Pfeiffer. The scripture lesson was read by Mrs. Myrtle Northup, which was followed by a prayer by Mrs. Carden. By a vote of the members present, the class will send a barrel of canned fruit and a barrel of apples and potatoes to the Wesley House of St. Joseph about the 20th of November.

The house was decorated with hallowe’en decorations and Mr. Jack-o-lantern was shining on the gate post and front porch to light the way. A race of pinning the tail on the cat was very much enjoyed by all, and some excellent music was rendered. Some did not dress like times were hard, but Mrs. Northup, Mrs. Parson, Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Lowrance and Mrs. Bird wore some back numbers in the dress and millinery line.

Delicious refreshments were served, but on account of the threatening rain some rushed home and did not enjoy the refreshments. All reached home safely by the aid of a lantern borrowd by Loren Pfeiffer.

All enjoyed the good time and kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Twaddle, who was assisted by Mrs. Alma Parson.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Loren Pfeiffer and son, Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Merrit and son, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bird and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Bodle, Mrs. Ellen Lowrance, Mrs. Alice Carden, Mrs. Minnie Beverlin, Mrs. Evelyn Beverlin and son, Mr. and Mrs. Wayman McGinness and children.

Everyone be present at the next meeting, November 3rd, at the home of Mrs. Ellen Lowrance.

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