Stupendous Film Production

Movies were a big business in 1915, even in a small town.  The following ad for Vitagraph-Liebler’s stupendous film production, The Christian, starring Earle Williams, Harry Northrup, Edith Storey, James Lackaye, Charles Kent, and 3,000 people in its all-star cast in 500 scenes through eight gripping, interesting parts, appeared in the May 6, 1915 Skidmore New Era.  The ad proclaimed that those who viewed the play paid $2.00 for the best seats, and the book sold for $1.50, but Skidmore’s Royal theater offered seats for the movie at 15, 25, and 35 cents each.

Ad for The Christian, playing in Skidmore on May 14, 1915.
From the May 6, 1915 Skidmore New Era.

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