Strippers in Skidmore, 1922

Bluegrass strippers, that is. (Made you look.) If you’re wondering what that was all about, check out this lovely piece about Maryville’s role and the Nodaway County bluegrass crop in Farm Collector.

From the June 1, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Bluegrass Stripping Time is Here.
J. F. Kellogg has had a force of men at work in the old apple house for the past two weeks, making bluegrass strippers. The lumber being used was sawed at Ed Coston’s mill during the latter part of the winter and the early spring.

In addition to the strippers that Mr. Kellogg will need for harvesting the seed he has contracted for, he has already taken orders for a considerable number of machines which he will build for others who will harvest their own crop.

The first half of June brings “bluegrass stripping time” in Missouri — the period ranging from the first week in June up, depending on the season and the section of the state. June 5th to 15th is the state average range for stripping bluegrass.

Bluegrass in Missouri, on an average from year to year, ranges from 5 to 16 bushels or more, dependent on the “set” and the method of gathering the grass heads. A two-horse stripper strips from 7 to 12 acres per day.

Missouri bluegrass seed is the heaviest and best in the world, great quantities of it being shipped east annually to be mixed with the Kentucky crop to give it greater weight and larger germination.

The state, national and world supply of bluegrass seed today is shorter than of recent years. The need for saving and curing bluegrass seed on every farm where possible to do so is essential from both practice and profit. It will meet ready sale this year.

The Missouri State Board of Agriculture, knowing the need and anticipated demand for bluegrass seed at reasonably remunerative prices, has urged the larger harvesting of the crop this year, even if farm work is abnormally crowded.

Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), June 1, 1922, p. 1.

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