Stolen Chickens, and other news

Local news items sent in by correspondents were a regular feature in the Skidmore Standard.  Correspondents received a free subscription and the knowledge that they were part of the news team.  Here’s one from the April 18, 1902 Skidmore Standard, in which we learn that Mrs. Sharp has a new parlor organ and Mrs. Carden is missing some chickens.

Along the Highways and Hedges.

Almost everyone is busy farming.

Fred Carden was the guest of Ben Linville, Sunday.

Mabel Stafford has returned to her home near Maryville.

Young chickens can now be heard at almost every house.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Carden went to Hopkins the first of the week.

Sam McGinnis west of Quitman spent Sunday here with his best girl.

O. C. Carden and sister spend Saturday at the home of Rev. Thompson.

Victoria Stevens spent a few days last week at Elmo, the guest of relatives.

Mrs. Tom Slaughter and Mrs. Martha Cameron spent Sunday at the home of Sam Davis.

Mrs. Wm. Sharp purchased an organ.  Almost every home in this community, poor or rich, has some kind of musical instrument.  The people are waking up to the fact that a home without music is like a christian home without religious papers and books.  We believe there will be less vice in the land when all can realize this fact and procure musical instruments for their children.

Mrs. Mart Carden would be very thankful to the parties who visited her hen house a week ago Saturday evening, if they would return her pet turkey and pay for the chickens stolen.  This is the second time in the last month they have taken chickens from her place.  Next time, if they are not very careful, they may hear something drop.  The same parties have taken chickens from time to time and take them to town and sell them.  People are getting tired of raising poultry to be stolen, and an attempt is going to be made to stop it.  They don’t only steal chickens, but drive away geese, take corn and even enter houses – if the owners are not at home – and take clothing, bedding and other articles of value.  The parties are known and the first thing they know they will be looking through iron bars.

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