Stanberry Normal School, 1902

Education news from the July 15, 1902 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Stanberry Normal School.
There will be found elsewhere in this paper advertisement of the great school at Stanberry, Mo. This is one of the pioneer educational institutions of the state and has done much to help uplift the young men and women of Missouri. There is one feature especially that we like about the Stanberry school. It is supported without a dollar of endowment and has constructed one of the most handsome buildings in the state on a beautiful location and surrounded its pupils with culture and refinement.

The members of the faculty have been chosen from the best colleges and universities of the country and many of them have been teaching in the school from twelve to sixteen years.

No one is ever turned away who is an earnest worker, because of finances. The school has helped hundreds of young men and women to secure an education who otherwise would never have been able to go to school at all. it might be termed really an industrial school, for many of the students work for part of their expenses and everything around the school is done by student help.

For many years the Stanberry Normal has been sustaining elective courses and permitting the students to enter any time and to take up whatever work they choose to do. It is fair to say that no educational institution charges as low a rate for high class instruction.
We hope the young people of this community who want an education will write to Prof. D. S. Robins for further information concerning this great industrial school.

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