Spring Styles from Lion Hats, 1921

We will admit we were a bit disappointed to learn that Lion Hats were not hats actually worn by lions. Still, here are two stylish options advertised by the R. B. Foster store of Skidmore, Missouri in the March 10, 1921 Skidmore News, page 5:

Illustrated ad for spring fashion at R. B. Foster in 1921 shows a man wearing a fedora style hat and a younger man wearing a newsboy cap.
Advertisement for Lion Hats for gentlemen, sold at the R. B. Foster store in Skidmore, Missouri. Ad in the March 10, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News, page 5.

The ad reads, “Spring Styles. Lion Hats, the Right Hat for Real Men. Right in price, right in quality, right in style. It will pay you to come in today and select the Lion Hat that suits your particular style. Snappy – stylish and well made Lion Caps in patterns that will meet the very particular requirements of the College and High School Lad. Select Yours Today. It pays to pay cash. R. B. Foster.”

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