Spelling Bee and Ciphering Match

From the February 2, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Liberty Items

We are feeling fine at school now. We had thirty visitors last week. Mr. Leslie G. Somerville, our county superintendent, spent Thursday morning with us. He gave us a fine talk. If we will only live up to it we know that our school and community will be made better by our living in it. We certainly enjoyed his visit.

Mrs. Myrtle Northup, teacher of the Union Valley school, and her pupils visited us Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowrance and Mr. Jesse Winger brought them in their cars. They spent the afternoon with us too. Mrs. J. H. Campbell and daughter Frances, Miss Alice Rowlett, Mrs. W. H. Bird and Mrs. R. W. Twaddell and little daughter Phylis Jean from our district were there.

The afternoon was spent in a ciphering and spelling match. The spelling match was a tie. Maggie Lowrance from Liberty and Mark Lowrance of Union Valley were the champion spellers, but both went down on the same word. Mrs. Roy Lowrance played several selections on the piano which were greatly enjoyed by all.

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