Sounds a Bit Nutty

Sometimes, despite a person’s best planning efforts, things just don’t work out like we hope they will. Such was the case in Skidmore in 1899. From the September 29, 1899 edition:

They Hunted in Vain.

This is the nutting season and the boys and girls make frequent excursions to the woods in search of hazel nuts, hickory nuts and walnuts, which they gather and store away until the long winter evenings come; then they are brought out and eaten. But the boys and girls are not the only ones to go nutting. Wednesday afternoon, five ladies, Mesdames W. R. Fullerton, O. F. Hutchison, John Dawson, A. F. Hitchcock, and Rob’t Dougherty hired a carriage and drove into the country for the express purpose of getting hazel nuts. They knew just were the bushes were thickest and most plentiful, and in their minds’ eye they could see themselves returning with bulging sacks of coveted nuts. The vision extended even farther, yet; they saw themselves gathered aroud the winter fire, cracking and eating nuts — the very ones they, themselves were about to gather. It was only a day-dream, though, for as the shades of night were approaching, the ladies, tired and hungry, returned to town with sacks almost as empty as when they started.

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