Some Fine Peaches

It was not unusual for Skidmore residents to share samples from their farms and gardens with the staff of the Skidmore paper, and such gifts were always both appreciated and noted in the next issue.  Here’s one report from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), August 23, 1906, page 1:

Some Fine Peaches.

The printers in this shop are quite sure that at least a part of the people have a tender spot in their hearts for them since they have received within the last week some very nice peaches from three different parties.

The first that were received came from the orchard of Abe Goodpasture near Maitland.  To give an idea of the size of these peaches will say that it took only eight to fill a box that had once held ten cents worth of Dr. Price’s breakfast food, and as to quality we never ate peaches that were better.

The second installment was brought in by Sam Knepper, who has disposed of a number of peaches to our town people.  These soon followed the same path those sent by Mr. Goodpasture had gone.

A few days after those brought by Mr. Knepper had been eaten we were permitted to partake of some nice ones from the orchard belonging to J. R. Gibbs.

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