Sock Shower Response, 1910

From the September 8, 1910 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 3:

More Socks.
Following is a letter received by Mr. J. C. Spahr from his old time friend, Frank W. Alden, of Delaware, Ohio.
Del., Ohio Aug. 30, ’10.
Mr. J. Clint Spahr
Skidmore, Mo.
My Dear Friend:–
I have been reading in the Chicago Record and New York Tribune of a wonderful Sock Shower on one Clint Spahr of your place and wonder if you are the fellow and if you are, I wonder what you are going to do with all of them, as it is usually understood that people in Missouri do not wear socks. In fact that is the reason that the event created so much comment in the leading papers.

Mary thought if you had so many you might acquire the habit of wearing them, at least on Sundays, and we had better send a pair so that you would have enough to last the rest of your life as you are getting old, according to the age given in the papers. The fact is I was surprised to find that you were so old. Why, I am only a boy yet. If you keep on living at the rate you are going you will be as old as the fellow the Bible tells about in the fifth chapter of Genesis.

Now Clint, the socks are the largest we can get in Delaware. I don’t know whether you can get them on or not, as I understand the soil in Missouri makes the feet grow to an abnormal size. If you can’t wear them you can give them to some of the children in the neighborhood, and explain to them what they are, and how they are used.

The Aldens are all in usual health, if you know what that is. Fred is in San Diego, Cal., and the rest are in Delaware. We used to know a young fellow by the name of Ray Spahr. If you ever see him tell him we would be glad to hear from him. Best wishes to you, your good wife and all the socks.
Your friend,
Frank W. Alden.

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