Snowed In, April 1901

As we check our snow boots and prepare ourselves for the depths of February, we take heart in the notion that things could be worse. ¬†From the April 5, 1901 Skidmore Standard (note that’s APRIL):

Kansas Towns Snowed In.

For Ten Days the Railroad West of Atwood Has Been Abandoned.

The extreme northwest corner of Kansas is buried under a blanket of snow that is two feet deep on the level and from eighteen to twenty feet in drifts. The prairie roads are impassable.

At St. Francis one of the Burlington trains is snowed up. One drift near Bird City is nearly a mile long and is ten feet deep. It has snowed here every day for a week and the blinding white flakes deter the workers.

It is impossible for the towns west of Atwood to get provisions. Coal and wood ran out several days ago. The people are burning the loose railroad ties, fence rails and lumber.

The losses on the cattle ranges are heavy. The steady downfall of snow has kept the cattle moving, and many of them have drifted forty miles from the pasturage.

For six days the railroad company has been working every man and snow plow that can be secured, but fewer than ten miles of the forty-five miles west of Atwood have been cleared.

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