Skidmore’s Second Bargain Day, 1922

The first one was so good, they opted to hold a second one.

From the May 4, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Stage Another Bargain Day.
The local merchants will stage another bargain day on Wednesday of next week. In a full page advertisement elsewhere in this issue of the News may be found the offerings of the various stores; and it will pay the readers of the News to look them over very carefully, as there are some very unusual bargains offered.

On Wednesday, April 12, the first bargain day was held; and although conditions were not very favorable at that time, it succeeded so well that it was immediately decided that there should be another one staged in the near future.

The merchants are prepared for a heavy run of business next Wednesday, and it is certain that those who take advantage of this event will make a very substantial saving on goods that they are needing just at this time.

Ad for various bargains at Skidmore, Missouri merchants on May 10, 1922. Summary of the ads in text following the image.
Full page newspaper ad featuring Bargain Day bargains from Skidmore, Missouri merchants for May 10, 1922. Ad appeared in the May 4, 1922 Skidmore News on page 4.

The ad features the following Skidmore merchants:
Foster’s Cash Store, with bargains on dress ginghams and fruit.
B. O. Ford, with 50-cent brooms and 7 cans of Sunbrite Cleanser for 25 cents.
Barrett’s, with deals on ladies’ silk hose and Acropolis Coffee.
Manchester and Dodds, selling a galvanized pail for 19 cents and a double boiler for 98 cents.
L. D. Jordan and Son, selling wash tubs for 60 cents.
Model Drug Company, selling insect powder for 15 cents a can.
Garnett’s Restaurant, with bargain candy at 20 cents per pound.
Walker’s, selling hot water bottles at half price and bargains on stationery.
McGinness’ market, with White Rose Creamery Butter at 35 cents per pound and pork and beans 2 for 25 cents.
J. O. Miller with bargains on roofing.
O. K. Garage featuring Kelly-Springfield Tires.
The Skidmore News, advertising $1.00 per year for new subscribers.

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