Skidmore’s First Aldermen

Skidmore’s voters had narrowly approved the organization of the village into a “city of the fourth class,” and the town needed to elect new representatives.  Here are the results, as reported by the April 26, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The Election.

One would naturally suppose that when a village had lately been changed to a city of the Fourth class, at their first election of city officers there would be no limit to the amount of interest taken, but such was not the case in the election held here Tuesday.  There were two tickets in the field – a citizens’ ticket and an independent ticket – and, with the exception of a few, there was no campaigning on either side.

The candidates on both tickets were all good men and it was impossible to tell who would be elected until after the polls were closed.  There were five men elected on the Independent ticket and four on the Citizens’ ticket.

Following is the vote as polled in each ward:

First Ward.

S. Saunders – 27.
J. D. Montgomery – 40.

Meek Miller – 34.
Wm. Bodle – 33.

Theo. Gwin – 40.
James Lawson – 28.

A. F. Hitchcock – 62.
Dr. J. E. Shepard – 67.

Second Ward.

S. Saunders – 21.
J. D. Montgomery – 30.

Meek Miller – 27.
Wm. Bodle – 24.

Theo. Gwin – 34.
James Lawson – 18.

Samuel Bender – 28.
H. C. Appleman – 30.
John Trapp – 26.
G. D. Fullerton – 21.

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