Skidmore’s Early Settlers

The July 28, 1921 Skidmore News featured bits of history from the early days of the town. Here’s what the paper had to say about the early settlers of Skidmore, Missouri:

Early Settlers.
In 1840, William Bunton took land about one and one-fourth miles northeast of where Skidmore now stands. William Dotson settled about two miles northwest of where Skidmore was later platted. In 1845, Joseph Huntsucker claimed land three miles northeast of Skidmore but later sold to Thomas Davis. Monroe Cottrel settled on a claim two miles southeast of Skidmore, latter selling to William Broyles, and he sold to Robert Bagby. These were the first settlers in what later became Monroe Township.

The land upon which Skidmore now stands, or at least part of it, was first settled by James Curl in 1845; and the remainder of it by Ehastus Downing in 1856. It was purchased in 1865 by Marteny Skidmore, a native of Virginia.

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