Skidmore Wins First Basketball Game of 1921

From the Skidmore News, September 22, 1921, page 1:

High School Boys Win First Basket Ball Game.
Local Team Defeated Here Yesterday Afternoon — Lack of Practice Evident.

The high school basket ball team won the first game of the season yesterday afternoon when they defeated the team from Daleview by the score of 25 to 17 on the local court.
The local team has only had a week’s practice, and their playing showed plainly that they were not in condition for a game. Daleview was not ready for a game either, and had not intended to play for several weeks, but when Superintendent Pierce called them yesterday about noon, they agreed to come and play a practice game.

Several of the boys, on both teams, are promising material, and as the season progresses they will doubtless develop into good teams. The first game of the season is usually a poor one, especially when it is played with only a few days’ practice. The boys haven’t played for almost a year, and it takes several weeks for them to get into the game. They haven’t gotten “the feel of the ball” yet, and until they do they can’t play a good game.

The lineup for the two teams follows:
Goslee — F.
G. Beverlin — F.
Peoples — C.
H. Beverlin — G.
R. Horn — G.

Walker — F.
O. Davis — F.
Kruse — C.
Clark — G.
W. Davis — G.
Cowles (sub.) — F.

For Skidmore, Peoples scored 9 points, Goslee 10, G. Beverlin 4 and H. Beverlin 2. For Daleview, Kruse scored 8, Walker 5 and O. Davis 4.

R. J. McClain acted as referee, Supt. Funtz and Supt. Pierce timekeepers and Francis Medsker scorer.

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