Skidmore Will Celebrate

From the June 8, 1900 edition of the Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Skidmore Will Celebrate.
Fourth Of July Will Be Observed As Usual.

The old town will celebrate the Fourth this year as usual in the same old glorious manner and everyone who comes here to spend the anniversary of the nation’s birth is usre to have a real, genuine happy time.  Skidmore has the reputation – gained by the progressive spirit demonstrated by her citizens on similar occasions in former years – of being the best town for Fourth of July celebrations in Northwest Missouri, and it is intended to sustain that reputation this year.

The speakers and amusements have not been decided on yet; whatever they may be will be established in the columns of the Standard, later.  Our readers may rest assured of one fact; if Skidmore advertises an attraction the people will fint it here when the time arrives.

The first meeting of the citizens was called Tuesday afternoon in J. H. Grigsby’s implement building.  T. L. Howden was elected chairman and the question as to whether or not we would celebrate was discussed.  It was finally decided that the best plan would be to appoint a soliciting committee and let the celebration hang on the success or failure of the committee’s canvass.  T. L. Howden, E. E. Tilton and A. H. Garnett were appointed on the committee and the meeting adjourned to meet again Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock in Grigsby’s building.

At the meeting yesterday afternoon, T. L. Howden and W. H. Hill, who was pressed into service because Messrs Tilton and Garnett refused to act, reported liberal contributions by most of the business men.  Lee Chadduck, W. H. Hill, W. J. Skidmore, I. N. Sewell and J. H. Grigsby were appointed a committee on grounds and selling the stand rights.  This committee was requested to see about securing grounds nad sell stand rights by Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock when another meeting iwll be called to take further steps toward celebrating.

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