Skidmore Water System Moves Forward, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), July 28, 1921, page 1:

Water System for Skidmore Assured.
Proposition Carried, 187-1 at Election Tuesday — Sale of Bonds is Next Step.

The proposition to increase the indebtedness of the city of Skidmore to the extent of twenty-four thousand dollars for the purpose of installing a city water system carried by the vote of 187 to 1 at the election held here Tuesday.

The question of a water system for Skidmore has been agitated before, but was never put to a vote, as the assessed valuation of the city was not great enough to permit the issuance of sufficient bonds to handle the proposition.

The city council recently took the matter up again, and asked the E. T. Archer Co. of Kansas City, consulting engineers, for an estimate on the cost of a system which would provide Skidmore with fire protection, as well as water for domestic use. The preliminary survey was made a few weeks ago, and an estimate of $24,000 submitted.

A meeting was held at the Royal Hall Monday evening, when Mr. Archer explained the proposed system to the voters, and the election took place on Tuesday, with the results previously stated.

The next step in the procedure is the sale of the bonds, after which bids for the construction will be received and the contract let. The estimate made by the Archer Co. does not constitute a bid, as this company does not do construction work. They simply make an estimate of the probable cost of the system, after which the city will advertise for bids from contractors. After the contract is let the E. T. Archer Co. will supervise the work, checking each article to see that it conforms to the specifications made by them.

There are a number of details yet to be decided upon by the council. The location of the well from which the water supply is to be obtained has not been definitely fixed. The plans submitted show this well just east of the depot, but some objection has been raised to this location on account of the danger of contamination by surface drainage. However, if the well is properly protected by a concrete curb it is said that no danger from this source need be considered. Another question that is still to be settled is the location of the tower. The blueprints show the tower at the rear of the Model Drug store, but that location has not been decided upon.

The tower will be located on the highest available piece of ground that can be obtained at a reasonable price.
Mr. Archer states that the system should be completed in from two to three months after construction starts.

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