Skidmore Wants a City Water System, 1921

We know that a system was put in place in 1922. Here’s some of the discussion that helped start things moving. From the May 5, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

City Water System Badly Needed Here.
Old Time “Bucket Brigade” Out of Date — Should Have Fire Alarm Too.

That Skidmore is sadly in need of a water system can hardly be doubted at any time, but it is especially evident in case of fire. The loss which Mrs. Reese sustained yesterday morning only serves to emphasize the fact that Skidmore not only needs a dependable water system, but can not afford to be without one. Those who were present are agreed that the house burned slowly, and that there was ample time to extinguish the fire after it was discovered if there had only been any efficient method of applying water to it. The old time “bucket brigade,” however faithful, can hardly be called an efficient fire fighting machine. A very small fire may be controlled by this method, but if the flames gain any headway before they are checked, no one can stand close enough to apply water from a bucket.

Supposing a fire should start in the business section of Skidmore, as is liable to happen at any time, what is to prevent the destruction of the entire block, and even more in case there should be any wind?

But we needn’t wait for a fire in order to make good use of a water system. Practically all of the cisterns and a good many wells in Skidmore have been dry the greater part of the winter, and we have no assurance that any of them will continue to meet the demands made upon them. As long as our next door neighbor has plenty of water, we may not worry if our own supply fails — but suppose his should fail at the same time. Then too, if health is any consideration, we should have some means of knowing that we are using pure water, and we cannot be sure of this under present conditions. It is a comparatively simple thing to provide for the purity of a central water supply, but it is a far different matter to keep all the wells in any town pure.

Another thing that Skidmore needs, and needs badly, is a fire alarm. It seems from what has been heard, that only a small percentage of the population of Skidmore knew that there was a fire in town yesterday morning until it was too late to be of any assistance. The ordinary type of steam “fire whistle” would not be practicable here, as there is no establishment here using large steam boilers that could sound the alarm. However, with our electric service, an electric siren would be available at all times and would be quite effective for a town of this size.

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