Skidmore Telephone Companies Combine, 1912

Mergers and acquisitions news from the May 16, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Skidmore Telephone Co’s Consolidate.

Nodaway Valley and Farmers Telephone Companies Consolidate – New Officers Elected and Constitution and By-Laws Adopted.

At a called and special meeting Thursday, May 9, the two telephone companies of Skidmore voted to dissolve the old and separate companies and form a new company, embracing all the wire, poles, equipment and property of the old companies, to be known as the Consolidated Telephone Company of Skidmore, Missouri.  The new consolidation to take effect June 15, 1912.

The members of the old companies met Thursday afternoon and perfected a temporary organization by electing W. J. Skidmore chairman, and D. R. Baker secretary.

The capital stock of the new organization was made $6,000, with the par value of shares at $15 each; one share in the company entitles a city resident to one phone and two shares, a country resident to one phone.

The officers elected consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and three directors, all of which will constitute a general board of seven directors, which will have charge of the business and property of the company.

The officers and board as elected are:  F. C. Barber, President.  D. F. Mitchell, Vice-President.  R. A. Walker, Secretary.  Dr. J. E. Pierpoint, Treasurer.  W. J. Hitchcock, Wm. Taylor, and W. B. Ward, Directors.

The new company will start out with nearly 300 phones in good working order.  All of the country phones will be 5-bar bridging phones, new or in good shape.  It is expected that this number will be greatly increased in the near future, as a great many applications are already in for membership.

The dues to members of the company have been fixed at 60 cents per month, the member to own and keep his own phone.  The rental phones, to those not in the company, will be $1.00 in town and $1.50, per month, in the country.

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