Skidmore Stockyards on the Move, 1921

Here’s an update on the stockyards relocation from the May 5, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Rail Road Company Moving Stock Yards
Work Started Monday, Must be Finished by Middle of June.

There is no longer any question as to whether the local stock yards are to be moved, or when it will be done. The work was started Monday, and according to the order of the Public Service Commission, it must be finished by June 15.

When the case was first taken before the Public Service Commission, nearly a year ago, the city asked that the yards be moved to a location about 900 feet south of the present location. Many of the residents of the south part of town objected, and a second location, just north of the overhead bridge, was suggested. This location was found to be impracticable on account of the excavation that would be necessary at that point. Finally the city agreed to be satisfied if the yards be moved 70 feet north and made sanitary.

The Public Service commission ordered this change made, and according to the original order, it was to have been started by March 15 and finished not later than May 1. Later the order was changed, naming May 1 as the date for starting and June 15 for finishing the work.

The two north pens have been removed and the necessary grading is being done. The entire yards will be rebuilt, and will be 70 feet north of where they now stand. There will be six pens instead of four, and they will be paved. The portion removed from the south side of the yards is to be reduced to the grade of the street.

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