Skidmore Rural Mail Routes, 1902

An unbiased profile from the January 24, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Skidmore Rural Mail Routes.

By the Postmaster.

Skidmore has three of the best rural mail routes in America.  For several reasons the routes out of Skidmore lead all others.  First, because they leave from the best town in Northwest Missouri.  Second, because they have three of the best carriers obtainable.  Third, because they cover the garden spot of the earth.  Fourth, because they serve the best class of people in America.

During the month of December route 1 collected and delivered 7182 pieces; route 2, 7366; and route 3 6183, making a total of 20731 pieces.

Route No. 1 is located south west of Skidmore.  It is 24 miles in length, and is served by Carrier Howard C. Lyle, a young man of good character, who gives general satisfaction.  He is liable to get married inside of ten years if he can get anyone to have him and can save enough money by carrying the mail to keep a wife.

Route No. 2 is 26 miles in length and extends southeast of Skidmore.  It is served by H. K. Defenbaugh.  He is a favorite mail carrier, as all the people on his route are pleased.  He is married.  The people on his route have donated him several small gifts, such as apples, corn, meat, etc., all of which he appreciates very much.

Route No. 3 extends northwest of Skidmore, is 26 miles long and is served by Edwin Philip Fargo, a young man of excellent character, who is giving general satisfaction on his route.  He also is looking for a wife, but we don’t hardly expect he will be able to find one for several years yet — until he gets older — but he is in the market just the same and would make any woman a good husband that could not do better.

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