Skidmore Residents Travel Westward, 1919

Thinking of a vacation? Perhaps you’ll find some ideas in this report from the July 10, 1919 Skidmore News, page 1:

Westward Ho!

Tuesday morning, bright and early, J. W. Rodman and his two sons, Basil and Byron, left in an automobile for points in Wyoming, where the boys will look for a location to work at the carpenter trade.

After the boys get located J. W. will return home by train. They went by way of Omaha and stopped there from Tuesday noon until Wednesday morning and visited with Misses Katie and Elma Rodman.

It is the intention of Mayor Miller and the entire family (with the exception of little Virginia, who will remain at the Spahr home) Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Pierpoint and son, Everett, and M. A. Sewell and his family to leave the first of next week for a trip through Yellowstone National Park and to other points of interest in the West.

The Miller family will make the trip by train while the Sewell and Pierpoint families will drive through in their automobiles.

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