Skidmore News Subscribers, April 1921

From the April 7, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Is Your Name in This List?
There are some who have not paid their subscriptions yet. Are you one of them? If you are, your renewal will be appreciated. Look at the date opposite your name, and see if you are in arrears.
The following have paid since the last list was published:
C. H. Beverlin
Mrs. Mary Burke (new)
Dr. H. B. Russell
Halfred Botkin
Sherman Fullerton
C. H. Ruddell
Joe Napier
Frank Coston (new)
George Knepper
John Owens, St. Joseph
L. D. Young, Quitman (new)
Floyd Brown, Quitman (new)
John McDonald, Graham (by J. J. Hughes)
J. B. Earley
Chance E. Littler
Henry Rowlette
Wm. Blackney
F. A. Stephens
Chas. A. McDaniel
E. C. Botkin
F. W. Collins
Mrs. James Kennish, Mound City (by S. Saunders)
James Mayhugh, Fairfax
Mrs. Harry Burks, Mound City (by R. B. Foster)
O. R. Kenady
C. F. Steph
Claud Myers
Chas. Rachau
John Masters
Yuba New
Claud Bartram

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