Skidmore, Missouri Personals, May 1921

The Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri was the Facebook of its time. Here are a few updates from the May 5, 1921 edition, page 1:

Mrs. Clyde Busby visited at Quitman Saturday night.

F. C. and J. W. Barber were Maryville visitors Monday.

A. F. Hitchcock made a business trip to Maitland Saturday morning.

H. W. Montgomery and Russell Bilby were in Maryville last Friday.

Rev. C. E. Olson and F. H. Barrett made a business trip to Maitland yesterday.

Mrs. R. J. McClain is improving slowly. She is able to do some of her house work now.

The M. P. Horn home was quarantined on account of small pox the latter part of last week.

Harry Worl is back at work as rural carrier on route five after several months in the hospital. He went to work Monday.

Mrs. T. A. Culley and little daughter, Dorothy Ann, left Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives and friends in Kansas City.

Mrs. John Bodle, Mrs. Anna Nichols, and Mrs. Cora Owens had dental work done at Burlington Junction today. They were accompanied by Carl Skidmore.

A letter has been received from Ira D. Owens stating that he is located 18 miles from Cheyenne Wells, Colo., and likes the country. The farming season is just commencing. Garden planting is somewhat later than here.

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