Skidmore Incorporated

We note the following from the Nodaway Democrat (Maryville, Missouri), November 9, 1893, page 1:

County Court.

County court met in regular session Monday, Nov. 6, all the judges present.

T. N. Riley allowed $108.50 for assessing Nodaway township, one-half paid by county.

Thomas Dougan granted dramshop license for six months in Maryville.

Samuel Wohlford allowed $118.70 for assessing Grant township, one-half paid by county.

Henry Schmidt granted dramshop license at Hopkins for six months, Judge Woods dissenting.

The following school fund mortgages released: Peter Lahr $250, J. M. Hendrix $100.

The Northwest Publishing Company allowed $60 for five county Plat Books.

An appropriation of $75 was made to grade up to the Platte river bridge, west of Guilford.

Petition of J. W. Dean et al for public road. Commissioner ordered to survey and plat and report at the February term.

Court made an order, at the request of Mrs. Francis Hanneman, that her husband be released from insane asylum, on the ground of being a resident of Iowa.

Theo. Gwin, E. T. Duval, S. D. Nevill, et al, by petition, ask the court to incorporate the town of Skidmore, which is accordingly done, and Theo Gwin, E. T. Duval, W. J. Berry, A. Pinkston and S. A. D. Longshore appointed as the first board of trustees.

Miles McNeal, county clerk, files statement of fees for July, August and September to be $1692.93. Paid W. L. Johnson, deputy, $300; Frank Owens, clerk hire, $10; other clerk hire $2.00; retained as salary, $500; paid county on this quarter, $880.93.

John Donlin, recorder, files statement of fees received by him for July, August and September to be $675.55; paid Chas. E. Donlin, $225; self, $451.55.

County Judges went to the poor farm this morning, and they will likely adjourn court this afternoon.

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