Skidmore Improvement Association, 1900

If Skidmore wanted something done in 1900, it knew just whom to call. The following report appeared in the March 30, 1900 edition of the Skidmore Standard on page 1:

Skidmore Improvement Association.

A very successful meeting was held in Cook’s Opera House, Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of effecting some kind of an organization to improve and beautify the town. There were quite a good many present, and perhaps more ladies would have been out had the weather been less threatening.

Dr. J. E. Shepard was made temporary chairman and Mrs. Adrain Pinkston, secretary. After the object of the meeting was fully understood, all were heartily in favor of making the organization permanent; and after that was determined on the matter was turned over to the ladies and the following officers were elected:

Mrs. W. L. Diggs, president; Mrs. J. W. Ware, 1st vice pres. Mrs. W. T. Bohannan, 2nd vice pres. Mrs. Adrain Pinkston, sec. and Mrs. W. R. Linville, treas.

Other ladies present who became members were: Mesdames J. M. French, E. D. French, C. E. Painter, J. F. Cook, G. C. Ashbrook, B. E. Wood, W. H. Hill, R. A. Walker, J. D. Montgomery, Cora Wright, H. W. Montgomery, I. N. Sewell and A. Pinkston.

Soliciting committee for honorary members: Mesdames H. W. Montgomery, J. F. Cook, I. N. Sewell, B. E. Wood and W. H. Hill.

While the active members of the association are ladies, any may become an honorary member. The annual membership fee was fixed at twenty-five cents for ladies and one dollar for gentlemen. The money raised will be used in various ways, as the association sees fit.

After some preliminary work the association adjourned until next week – date and place of meeting will be found elsewhere in this paper. Each member present was instructed to solicit membership until next meeting.

Associations of like kind have done a great deal of good for other towns, and this one will accomplish much here if all will take hold and help it along. United effort will accomplish results; so if you want to make the town better, work with that end in view.

The Standard wishes to thank Miss Peterson, president of the Honesdale Improvement Association of Honesdale, Pa., for her kindness in furnishing all the information we had at the meeting in regard to improvement associations.

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