Skidmore Home Protective Association, June 1909

Homeland security news (so to speak) from the June 10, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Home Protective Association.
Saturday evening, June 26, ’09, will be the regular meeting night of the Home Protective Association. All members are requested to be present.
Following is a list of names of members in good standing:
R. G. Medsker
Daniel Brown
A. H. Garnett
Chas. Cottril
J. E. Pierpoint
C. W. Brown
W. A. Strickler
James Gibbs
W. T. Brown
Jonas Brown
R. A. Walker
Wm. Taylor
Roy Cottril
I. S. Dawson
Jesse Beverlin
R. B. Foster
Jordan & Thomas
Manchester & Dodds.

Those who have been members here before whose names do not appear in the above article, have been suspended according to Article 6, Sec. 4, of By-laws.

Article VI. Sec. IV. “Any member of this association whose account, either in fines or assessments, shall exceed six months standing, and who shall refuse or neglect to pay same, shall by such act or refusal become suspended.”

They may be reinstated by paying past due, or as new members by paying $1 initiation fee.
R. B. Foster, Sec.

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