Skidmore High School Sports News, October 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), October 27, 1921, p. 1:

Again, the enemy has triumphed and Skidmore has lost another game. Rosendale played a good clean game and the Skidmore boys came back at them with a good game. The game was lost with the lack of ability to shoot goals and to guard. The team had a meeting Tuesday night and a better system of playing was talked over. The boys are very enthusiastic and are going to fight to the finish. We will play Graham Friday. Come out and root.

The society girls will play a match game Friday at four o’clock. Following is the lineup:

Adelphians: Dollie Rea Logan, jumping center; Alice Barrett, running center; Pauline Manchester, right forward; Gladys Brown, left forward; Eva May Medsker, right guard; Eula miller left guard, center; Margaret Strickler, running.

Excelsiors: Ethel Lyle, jumping center; Hope Manchester, right forward; Marie Logan, left forward; Hermione Hays, right guard; Artie Lee Parish, left guard.

The girls are selling tickets for both games. Enough money will be taken from the sale of the tickets to pay for the girls’ court.

We hear that Dean Sauceman is on the Westboro football team, and that he already has his face smashed. We sure would like to see Dean in a foot ball game. If he works in the game with as much energy as he does in basket ball, Westboro will surely be a winner.

A letter from Mrs. Newlon says that they have a good basket ball team and that they beat Bolckow 56 to 10 last week. Mrs. Newlon will coach the Fillmore girls this winter.

The high school would surely be pleased if the merchants and other business houses would cooperate with us and close up during our ball game. Come and root with the rest of them.

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