Skidmore Christian Church Homecoming, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), August 4, 1921, page 1:

Big Day at Christian Church Last Sunday
Large Attendance at Home Coming.
Had Good Program and Basket Dinner.

The Christian church held their first annual home coming, and celebrated the 27th anniversary of the organization of the church last Sunday morning.

A short program had been prepared and included a talk by Mrs. Wm. Howden on the organization and growth of the church, a talk by Rev. Connor, the second pastor of the church, and reports of the progress of the church and the Missionary efforts of the church. Several letters from former pastors and members were read.

At the noon hour a basket dinner was served on the lot just north of the church to a good many of the resident members and several non-resident members who came to celebrate the event with old friends.

Mrs. Sarah Shell, whose birthday comes on the 27th of July, celebrated her 92nd birthday anniversary by attending the program. Mrs. Shell joined the church during the tent meeting 27 years ago.

Among those who could not attend, but sent letters, were: Rev. C. M. Chilton of St. Joseph, who organized the church here; Rev. H. R. Murphy of Savannah, Mo.; Rev. Wm. R. Matsler, Promise City, Iowa; C. S. Mitchell Harper, Kans.; S. Bosley and family, Riverside, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Verna Huff, Omaha, Nebr.; Scott Reese and family, Harris, Mo.; Nettie B. Steele, Bedford, Iowa; Mrs. Lottie Burke Sission, Parnell, Mo.; O. H. Spicer and family, Guilford, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garrett, Wilcox, Mo.

On the 20th day of July, 1894, Rev. C. M. Chilton, then pastor of the Christian church of Maryville, and several members of his congregation came to Skidmore and started a tent meeting. On the 27th day of July the church was organized with nineteen members. During the tent meeting 112 members were added to the list. Within the next six months a church was built and on January 27, 1895 it was dedicated. The first pastor was Elder M. Rollo Davis, now of Los Angeles, Calif; and the second was Rev. Connor, now of Farragut, Ia., who attended the celebration and preached at the evening hour.

Following is a list of the 19 charter members, as they appear on the records: Mrs. Wm. Howden, Mrs. J. L. Trapp, Mrs. Jarit Long, Thomas, Mary and Katie Dyson, M. H. and S. E. Pearson, J. M. and Sallie Hasty, Mrs. John Linville, Linda DeWitt, Adla Good, Sarah Cameron, Rebecca Bohannan, Sarah Forscythe, Annie Bosley, Mrs. Mary Linville, Mrs. Celia Linville.

There are but a few of the above persons living in the vicinity of Skidmore, and the best information the News is able to obtain is that about 12 of the 19 are still living. Among the oldest members of the congregation still living are Mrs. Sarah Shell, 92; Aunt Till Strickler, 78; and Mrs. Jarit Long, 82.

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