Skidmore Children Write to Santa, 1908

One of our favorite parts of the Skidmore, Missouri paper is the yearly letters to Santa Claus, which appear to begin in 1908 when the Skidmore New Era asked for sumissions in its December 3, 1908 edition on page 1. We’ll follow up over the next few days with some of the entries from kids connected to our favorite small town.

Write a Letter to Santa Claus.

We want every little boy and girl who reads this to write a letter to “Santa Claus,” and we will publish it in The New Era, providing you write it plain, not too long and get it to the office in time.

Write on one side of the paper only, sign your own name, mail your letter so that it will reach us not later than Saturday, Dec. 5. Address it to “Santa Claus,” care The New Era, Skidmore, Missouri.

Now get busy and tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

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