Skidmore Chautauqua, 1915

The 1915 planning committee for Skidmore, Missouri’s big Chautauqua had already appointed first, second, third, and fourth vice presidents, but if four vice presidents are good, adding another dozen or so must surely be better.  From the June 24, 1915 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 12:

Name Vice-Presidents.

At a meeting of the Skidmore Chautauqua management at headquarters last Monday night it was decided to appoint the clerk of each school district in the vicinity of Skidmore as a Vice-President of the Skidmore Chautauqua.  A meeting of these vice-presidents will be called at an early date. The following were appointed:

W. A. Argo, A. C. Barber, J. H. Murphy, Roy Cottrill, Link Hitchcock, Wm. Taylor, A. P. Logan, C. C. Lowrance, Jake Suetterlin, Claude Peters, E. L. Daken, C. D. Bailey, E. S. Hester, Wm. Mills, Clayton Appleman, W. G. Zeller, Hugh McDonald, and J. D. Tarpley.

At this meeting, they also decided to have “Home Coming Day” Saturday, July 17th.  Let all of us write our friends and relatives to come and enjoy an old fashioned reunion, it will do us good.

Ad for Castelucci's Italians at the Chautauqua. Text follows.
Castelucci’s Italians were the opening act of the Skidmore, Missouri Chautauqua in 1915. Advertisement from the June 24, 1915 Skidmore New Era, page 12.

Ad reads, “Castelucci’s Italians Will Open The Chautauqua. Our Chautauqua program will open with music, close with music and have music as a feature at both the afternoon and evening programs of each of the Chautauqua days. The first of these Chautauqua musical attractions is Castelucci’s Italians, the company that comes on the opening day. They play all the instruments they have time to play in the hour and a half or so that is allotted to them and start the Chautauqua off with a considerable zest and enthusiasm which puts the patrons “on edge” for the several days of entertainment and good things that follow. A Chautauqua committee always plans for strong Talent on the opening day of their several days’ program, and in this instance, our committee has planned wisely. It’s the time for everyone to get together in a sort of a community get together spirit and to start the Chautauqua off in true Chautauqua style. The company is one of the noted musical aggregations of the Chautauqua platform; a company that has appear4ed with astounding success throughout the country; they have extraordinary talent and versatility, they are alert to the finer tastes of the discriminating Chautauqua audience; and, altogether, it is such a company as you would regret seriously to have missed hearing. Hear them on the opening day of the Chautauqua — both afternoon and evening.”

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