Service Flag

From the January 10, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Service Flag.

A few weeks ago it was announced at the Christian Bible school that a surprise would be in store for those in attendance the first Sunday in January.  Accordingly, last Sunday morning, when the lesson study period was over Mrs. M. Moore addressed the school on the significance of a service flag and made mention of the fact that almost half a hundred from Skidmore and vicinity were in the service and of that number eleven were members of the Christian church.  The talk was delivered in that impressive manner characteristic of the speaker and ere its close few if any of the eyes of her audience were free from tears.

At an appropriate time she pulled a string that released a service flag that was concealed behind Old Glory and there came into view the red bordered white centered flag with eleven blue stars placed on the white field.  Under each star there are the initials of the soldier or sailor it represents.  The boys all members of the Christian church, who are thus remembered are Harley Hitchcock, Leon Hutchinson, Frank Barber, Earl Swiggart, Maurice Thompson, Leslie Dawson, Delavan Robbins, Ralston McClain, Douglas Haynes, Charles Wright and Ellis Dawson.

After a prayer for them, a verse was sung by the congregation to the air of America, running thus:  “God save our noble men / Bring them safe home again; / God save our men; / Make them victorious, patient and chvalrous, / They are so dear to us, / God save our men.”

Little Miss Katherine Gray then sang to the tune “Brighten the Corner:”  Brighten the corner where they are. / Brighten the corner where they are. / To our soldiers and our sailors come our greetings from afar. / Brighten the corner where they are.

The father of only one of the boys and a sister of two more of them were the only immediate relatives present to witness the impressive service. Should that have been?

The boys of the M. E. and M. E. South churches are also remembered by a service flag in the building of each denomination.


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