See the Asbestos Sweat, 1919

We don’t see advertising like this any more, do we? From the March 21, 1919 Skidmore News, page 8:

Ad for asbestos at Manchester & Dodds. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore News, March 21, 1919, p. 8.

Advertisement reads, “‘See the asbestos sweat.’ We take a section of a range wall, heat it, and show you the sweat standing on the outer iron casing or body. You see and know just what happens every time a fire is made in your range. You understand why ranges rust out from the inside. Then we show you the sheet of pure copper and how it protects the iron body. We show you the air space and how it holds heat. We show you the four walls. When you see these things with your own eyes you know why a Copper-clad Range saves fuel and never rusts out. If 5 cents worth of fuel is saved a day — you save $18.25 a year, or 8 per cent on $230 a year, and you get 365 days of range happiness every year. Buy a Copper-Clad — The Worlds Greatest Range. Manchester & Dodds, Skidmore, Mo.”

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