Section Men Race the Train

In the “aren’t we glad this isn’t our daily commute” category, we offer this report from the May 26, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Section Men Make a Race

There was an exciting little race, Tuesday evening, witnessed by the crowd gathered at the depot awaiting the arrival of the evening train.  The section men had started to town on the hand car about a mile below town when the passenger engine whistled at the County crossing 1 1/2 miles behind them.  There were only four men on the hand car.  They were pumping as if life depended on their efforts, but it was up hill work and when the train hove in sight opinion was divided as to which would win.

Some of the crowd who had pinned their faith on the section men excitedly exclaimed every moment or two:  “They’ll make it!  Yes, they’ll make it easy.”

They did make it but there wasn’t anything easy about it.  It was a hard pull and only hard, well-trained muscles could have performed it.

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