Second Chances

Change can be difficult for anyone.  It was especially difficult, it seems, for J. H. Grigsby’s new cow.  From the August 4, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

J. H. Grigsby, implement dealer, traded for a cow Wednesday that looked like she might have been living on a diet of fresh air and fence rails, so totally devoid of superflous flesh was she.  He put her in the pasture and Thursday morning she was found mired in the river.  She was released and started to swim across the river when she became tangled up with a log and could not get loose without assistance.  When loosened she made another effort to gain dry land but was again mired in the mud and it looked like the poor “critter” would drown anyway in spite of help and a desire to get out; but she didn’t and now she may live and grow fat.

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