School Starts, 1899 – Strictly First Class in All Respects

A. J. Smith of the Skidmore school issued the following rallying cry for parents, students, and teachers in the  September 1, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

To the Public

School will open Monday, September 4th.  The course of study as adopted by the Board of Education is practically the same as last year.

Pupils already holding passing grades will not be required to pass any further examination upon those subjects.

We desire to make the school strictly first class in all respects, and will insist upon thoroughness and and good work in all departments.

The very best use will be made of the forces at hand for the progress of the school.

It is desired that this school year be ‘The era of good feeling;’ and that parents pupils and teachers will work together for the common good.

It is only through united efforts that we can hope to attain the best results.

Education is the unfolding of the soul of man for the reception of light and truth and we cannot obtain the higher enjoyment of life except through mental and spiritual development.

Non-resident pupils are invited to investigate our course of study and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the school.

Let us rally to the support of our Public School and hand down to posterity that noblest of all heritages, an education.

In the following week’s edition, the paper reported:

The Skidmore schools were opened Monday morning with all the teachers present and a good attendance of pupils.  With Prof. A. J. Smith, Prin., and the grammar and second and first primary departments in charge of Mrs. George Patton, Miss Artie Hobbs and Miss Nell Montgomery, respectively.  The school is under splendid management and a good year’s work may be expected, if the parents will co-operate with the teachers.  Without the interest and help of the parents a teacher can have only partial success.  At present there is an enrollment of 162 pupils with 15 non-residents.

The non-residents are:  Misses Edith Torrey, Mattie Porter, Lillie Taylor, Gertie and Mattie Nunnelley, Ethel Linville, Ida Dyson.  Messrs. James, Frank and Floyd Barrett, Jesse Patton, Eugene Gaukel, Leslie Linville, James G. Parshall and Minor Nunnelley.


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