Scenery So Nice, I Nearly Wear My Eyes Out Looking

Skidmore, Missouri’s residents sometimes described their travels for the folks back home by sending a letter to the newspaper. Here’s a report from Mrs. G. W. Murray, as printed in the May 28, 1908 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Letter From Oregon
Mrs. G. W. Murray Describes Her and Mr. Murray’s Trip to Oregon, Where They Are Visiting Their Daughter, Mrs. Reynolds.

Enterprise, Oregon, May 15, ’08
To The New Era: —

Thinking a few lines from this place would interest you and some of our friends, I will write a few lines to let you know how we are making it out here. We are real well so far and we had a very pleasant trip coming out here. We were a week on the road and were very tired when we arrived at our destination. The first stop we made was at Salt Lake City. We stopped there at 4 o’clock one day and stayed over night and were driven over the city and seen all the sights; the new temple and the old one, also the park around them which was a very pretty sight, but there were so many saloons and drunken men it just made me sick. All the railroad towns were alive with saloons and foreigners, but here at Enterprise it is “dry,” I guess, I don’t know for sure, anyway it is a nice quiet place and it is growing so fast. We have not been around the countgry very much, but right here it is nice, at least I like it fine.

We are having a nice visit with our daughter and family and feeling real well so far. We sleep well and eat like pigs. Mr. Murray is helping Mr. Reynolds, our son-in-law, set out strawberries and a garden, it being a month later here than in Missouri. There has been no freezing weather since we came, and there is a fine prospect for fruit. We have all kinds of the choicest canned fruit I ever saw and it tastes so good. We have lots of good things to eat and potatoes is the best of them all. They grow very large here, and keep so well all summer. They raise all kinds of small grain here, but Spring is later and some haven’t sowed their oats yet. It don’t get warm until June and then things grow very fast.

We came a month too soon, but now here and we will make the best of it. It has snowed nearly every day for two weeks, but is not cold, so melts as fast as it comes.

The scenery around here is so nice I nearly wear my eyes out looking; mountains and tall pine trees. Mr. Reynolds has forty acres of choice timber on his place. It is a sight to see the nice wood and posts he gets out in the Winter, when he has spare time. I hear that the fruit back there is all killed, but I am sure there will be something there to eat, there always is, and plenty of it. If the fruit is mostly killed it will save lots of hard work and we can visit more.

Well, you will get tired of reading this letter so I will close for this time, and may write again. It takes so long for a letter to get there this will be old before you receive it.

Mrs. George W. Murray.

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