Save Money on Meat, 1920

We were surprised to learn of the Division of Women’s Activities within the Department of Justice. Apparently, those activities involved saving money on groceries, as we see in this item from the April 8, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Save Money on Meat.
The Division of Women’s Activities, Department of Justice, believes that the cost of living, so far as meats are concerned, depends somewhat upon the individual housewife. If the woman who now confines her purchases to the so-called choice cuts of hindquarter meat will master the art of preparing palatably the inexpensive cuts from the forequarter, she will be able to effect a considerable saving.

These forequarter cuts have a satisfactory food value and, when properly prepared, are thoroughly appetizing. The thirty receipts recommended by the Division of Women’s Activities are thirty direct and practicable ways to save money on meat. They will suggest others.

We will print one or more of these receipts each week, and hope some of our readers will take the trouble to try them.

Chuck Steak With Onions.
2 pounds chuck steak
5 or 6 onions
Butter or butter substitute

Slice onions in water. Drain thoroughly. Place onions in a shallow saucepan, cover closely and cook over a slow fire for 15 or 20 minutes until tender. Use no water or fat, as the onions contain both moisture and richness. When the onions are done, uncover and brown slightly if preferred, but they are more digestible without browning. Heat a frying pan smoking hot, and brown the steak quickly on both sides; reduce the heat and turn the meat frequently until it is cooked through. Season the steak and salt the onions. Serve the meat on a platter with onions around it. Add butter if desired.

Pot Roast with Vegetables
3 or 4 pounds chuck roast
1 cup sliced carrots
1 cup sliced onions
1 cup celery cut in bits
1 cup sliced turnips
3 tablespoons fat (preferably from salt pork)

If the meat is not sold in a solid piece, skewer or tie it into shape, wipe it with damp cheesecloth, and roll in flour. Boil vegetables in salted water to barely cover until soft. Rub through a coarse strainer. Heat fat in a frying pan or Dutch oven. Put in the meat and brown on all sides. If the frying pan is used, transfer the meat, after it is brown, to a kettle, unless the pan is deep enough to hold the beef. Pour the vegetables and their liquid over the meat, together with any preferred seasoning. Cover tightly and let simmer slowly for four or five hours, turning twice. Thicken the gravy a little, and pour over the meat.

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