Santa in Skidmore

According to the December 30, 1898 Skidmore Standard, Christmas 1898 was a good one, particularly for local businesses.  This was all thanks to Santa, and, no doubt, to the wise use of advertising in the local newspaper.

Santa Claus Was in Skidmore

Christmas has come and gone since our last issue and a bigger, better Christmas was never witnessed in Skidmore.  Santa Claus was partial to our people, distributing his choicest presents throughout their homes.  The three churches were filled Saturday night with eager, expectant and merry hearted people and nearly everyone carried away some gift as a token of remembrance by the generous old Saint.  The churches were nicely decorated, and entertaining programs were rendered.  The M. E. and Christian churches had the old time honored trees on which their presents were arranged, and the M. E. Church, South, had prepared a large double arch for this purpose.  Never before was Christmas so thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday was a very busy day with our merchants.  There was hardly standing room in their stores and each one found it necessary to put on an extra force of clerks to wrap up presents fast enough for the people.  The merchants made no mistake in buying their holiday goods this year.  Never before was there such a splendid assortment of nice things to choose from.  It would have done credit to the city of Maryville and the merchants were rewarded with the best holiday trade in the history of the town.  A STANDARD representative interviewed the advertisers on this subject, and here is what they say:

J. M. French & Co., Hardware, Harness and Furniture
Fall trade was better than any previous season.  Our trade through the holiday season has been good as usual.

I. N. Sewell of Sewell & Co., General Merchandise
Fall and winter trade has been better than usual.  While we did not carry any holiday novelties, our holiday trade was good.

Lee Chadduck, Druggist
Fall and winter trade has been better than last year.  In the holiday goods, while my stock was much better grade than I handled last year I am glad to say that my trade was much larger.

J. T. Tate, Confectionery and Bakery
My trade has been good this fall and winter and my holiday trade was better than last year.

J. D. Montgomery, Groceries
I have had good fall and winter trade, and my holiday trade was better than I expected.

W. F. Wade, of Wade & Hitchcock, Druggist
Fall and winter trade much better than last year.  Holiday trade was simply immense.  Best we ever had.

Thos. L. Howden, Groceries and Books
Being a sort of a “prosperity man” am glad to say that some of it has come my way.  Trade has been better than usual and my holiday trade was much better than last year.

J. F. Kellogg, Department Store
My holiday trade was just fine; just about double what it was last year.  And for the year, my sales have been about $5000 greater than the year preceding.

E. L. Wilson, General Store
My holiday trade was good.  Sold almost all my Christmas goods.

J. L. Betz, Jeweler
My trade has been very good.  Have no reason to complain of holiday trade.  Good trade on jewelry.

H. A. C. Hasty, Confectionery
I had a big holiday trade; splendid.  It was much better than I expected.

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