Salt the Way You Want It, 1921

Advertisement for Barrett's from the Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, September 1, 1921, page 8. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for salt for sale at Barrett’s of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, September 1, 1921, page 8.

Ad reads, “Salt in the way you want it. A new car just arrived contains barrels, 50-pound blocks, 25, 50 and 100-pound sacks, and 70-pound sacks of meat salt. 280-pound barrels for the big feeder. Plenty on hands. Per barrel $3.40. The time has long since passed when a busy farmer is going to hitch up the wagon to drive five to fifteen miles just to get a barrel of salt. Throw two or three sacks in your jitney, and there you are — got a barrel of salt and back home again without loss of a half day’s time. 25 pound sacks 40 cents. 50-pound sacks 65 cents. 100-pound sacks $1.30. Block salt in fifty-pound blocks. This is the most convenient manner of salting your stock. In fact they salt themselves. No waste. Per block 65 cents. The correct salt for curing meat. Carey-ized meat salt is prepared especially to meet the requirements of those who cure their own hams and bacon. Its perfect uniformity in strength and texture assures a fine flavor and an even, satisfactory cure throughout your meat. Per 70-pound sack $1.25. Try our methods. Barrett’s. Skidmore, Missouri. “S & H” Stamps. All bills due Jan. 1st, May 1st, Sept. 1st. S & H Stamps discontinued after January 1st, 1922.”

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